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  • IT Park invites foreign IT specialists and IT companies to Tashkent!

    A special program is launched by IT Park to attract IT companies to Tashkent, and relocate IT specialists with their families.

    Provided for free, the following set of services will help IT professionals and their families swiftly relocate with maximum comfort:

    - Visa support (if needed);

    - Airport transfers and transportation;

    - Arrangement of meetings with state or private companies;

    - Comfortable housing with all the necessary facilities;

    - Assistance with employment in large IT companies or engagement in promising IT projects;

    - Arrangement of kindergartens and schools for kids;

    - Organization of family tours to historical and hiking sites of Uzbekistan;

    - Orientation and assistance in adapting to Uzbekistan.

    IT companies are provided with the following services free of charge:

    - Quick and simplified company registration;

    - Assistance in pooling qualified candidates for employment;

    - Allocation of office space with all the facilities, on privileged terms;

    Important: All relocation services are provided to IT companies free of charge with a condition of registration as the resident of IT Park.

    Why move to Uzbekistan?

    Uzbekistan is one of the leading economies in Central Asia. Structural reforms initiated several years ago in this country to promote economic growth and improve living standards, are gaining momentum. In the Doing Business 2020 report of the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation, Uzbekistan is among the top 20 best reformers in the world, in terms of the scale and effectiveness of ongoing reforms.

    Uzbekistan adopted the Strategy "Digital Uzbekistan-2030", which provides for the launch of more than 280 IT projects in all the sectors of economy, including public administration in all the structures of the vertical.

    12 venture funds have been launched in the country to finance startup projects, more than 40 startups were able to raise more than $80 million from foreign investors and funds.

    There are more than 130 higher educational institutions in the country, including 22 foreign universities, diplomas of which are recognized in many countries of the world.

    The number of enterprises with foreign capital has reached 11,000, and includes such companies as Coca Cola, General Motors, Nestle, etc.

    Benefits for IT professionals and IT companies

    IT companies in Uzbekistan are provided with significant tax benefits and preferences at least until 2028, including the following:

    - full exemption from all taxes;

    - income tax rate for employees is reduced to 7.5%;

    - full exemption from customs duties when importing software or equipment for own use;

    - no restrictions on currency transfers.

    The country is actively engaged in producing IT specialists. 205 IT Centers have been set up across all regions of the country, with more than 85,000 students that have already been trained in them. The project "One Million Uzbek Coders" launched in the country, enrolled more than 1 million students.

    Global companies like Microfsoft, IBM, Oracle, HP, SAP, Cisco, EPAM, Exadel, iTechArt, HW, ZTE, Telegram, WhatsApp and others are present in Uzbekistan. More than 500 IT companies are registered as residents of IT Park.

    If you are interested in our program, please fill out the form of relocatee: https://forms.gle/bYfgV4nePeA786oQA

    If you have any question, please contact International Relations Manager, Amalia Ergasheva:

    Mobile: +998 93 5141775

    Office phone: +998 71 2091199

    E-mail: a.ergasheva@it-park.uz

    The source: Press service