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  • Tashkent Hosts "Big Data and Cloud Computing" Seminar

    ITU (International Telecommunication Union) regional seminar for the CIS countries and the Asia-Pacific region on Big Data and Cloud Computing started in Tashkent. The seminar was organized by the ITU and the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    The participants include leading ICT experts from Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, national statistical services, telecommunications operators, telecom equipment manufacturers, representatives of scientific and design institutes, software developers, media and others.

    It should be noted that to date, Big Data is the most important trend that spreads to the most diverse areas of business and technology. That is why the two-day seminar is divided into 4 sessions:

    • Big Data: definition and examples of application;
    • Cloud computing and data analysis:
    • Technology, standardization and applications;
    • Data protection and security: organizational and technical methods.

    Leading experts discuss the following topics: "Digital Transformation of Society - a Strategic Task for ICT", "Big Data - ITU Initiatives", "Cognitive Analytics for Obtaining Information About the User and Network, How to Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs in the Networks of the Future", "Big Data - Technology that Will Change the World", "The Role of Cloud Computing in Two-dimensional Signal Processing", "Cloud Computing, Big Data and IoT: Current State in Uzbekistan", "Government Role in Ensuring and Regulating Cybersecurity", "Perspective Development of Big Data and Cloud Computing in E-government Structure" and others during the seminar.

    The source: Press service